Parcel delivery technology in the Spanish market.


In 2014, a new parcel delivery network based upon the CleverBox solution was launched in Spain and will result in the creation of automated parcel machine network covering the whole country. Company plans to also expand the network to Portugal. 30 indoor automated parcel machines are currently located in North Spain in shopping malls, gourmet supermarkets, and gas stations with long operating hours.

A functioning automated parcel machine network will provide good mean of delivery for the rapidly growing e-commerce business in the Spanish market.

Haritz Elortza

General Manager of Intelligent Delivery S.A
We chose Cleveron first to be our partner and secondly as our solution and hardware provider due to the reliability of their system (less than 1% failure in deliveries), their knowledge and expertise. We work hand in hand with them and we are certain that with their help we will expand our business and not only succeed in parcel delivery but other fields of operation we are currently working on.