The new Speedy service, automated postal machines, is available for the customers.


22 APM's are placed in Metro hypermarkets, Hit, Lexie, in Fantastico supermarkets and in some of the largest shopping centers in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas and Stara Zagora.

Automated offices are part of the company's network of over 350 spots for sending and receiving parcels. Each one of them offers new, more comfortable, more profitable and fast service 'Speedy mail' intended for shipments from office to office.

Among the advantages of APM are extended operating time, the possibility of choosing the time for receiving the shipment and the speed of service - requires only a code and push of a single button. The payment for the service is secured and could be done with cash as well as debit or credit card.

According to the supplier – Cleveron - the APM is used throughout Europe and experience extreme success, as it is preferred by many of the customers for their first choice for sending and receiving parcels. The service is faster, more convenient, cheaper and it develops the market.

Speedy plans to increase the number of APM in Bulgaria within upcoming months.