Can you imagine a situation, 

where each airline must have its own airfield, where they can land their planes? Or a situation, where each bus company must have its own bus terminal, where they can stop and service their clients?

We cannot imagine it either!

However, that is the exact situation with automated parcel machines. There can be several automated parcel machines from different firms standing next to each other in a shopping center. Each works with its own software and it seems as an impossible task connecting these. This nearly impossible task is the exact goal for CollectNet. To set up a network of automated parcel machines, which would operate just like an airport or a bus terminal, where all merchants can rely their offerings to their clients without having to have their own parcel network.

CollectNet has two main priorities:

  • build an operating system for automated parcel machines, that would include a simple and comprehensible administrative environment, while also making available simple instructions for direct integration
  • starting from Estonia, to build a physical automated parcel machine network based on this software

What CollectNet service
consists of?

Types of users

In CollectNet we have two types of users: private clients and businesses.

Private clients only have the mobile application.

Businesses can give permissions to private clients like 'enter parcels'
'receive parcels' etc.

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