PackRobot is an innovative parcel delivery terminal. Offering cost effective and fast last mile delivery solution for retail sector.

It emerges from five years of development and on-the-job feedback, and brings advanced features that reduce costs, improve security and efficiency, and enhance end-user convenience.

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Our newest product

We have reinvented our one-size-fits-all solution to those infamous 'last mile' delivery issues, which include failed deliveries, temperature sensitive packages, security, and high costs.

This unique innovation combines advanced Internet-of-things technologies with modern consumer-friendly and ergonomic design, and aesthetics.

PackRobot serves You

It is no longer a self-service automated parcel terminal.
All activities are done in one place so that customers and couriers do not have to move around.
  1. Control console with
    1. touchscreen
    2. 2D scanner
    3. motion detector
    4. three-stage door
    5. security camera (for photos of users)
  2. Parcel gateway with
    1. automatic height measuring
    2. automatic weighing
    3. security camera (for photos of parcels)
  3. 3D parcel lift (2 m/sec)
  4. Eight columns of parcel trays
  5. Weatherproof and insulated outer shell 
  6. Facade with
    1. optional shade with surveillance camera
    2. optional screen for promotions
  7. One-size trays for all parcels (max. parcel dimensions 60 x 40 x 40 cm)

Advantages of PackRobot

  • Outdoor and indoor use 
  • Internal climate control 
  • Smart storage system (patent pending)
  • Maximum utilisation of floor area (up to 500 parcels) 
  • Quick operation with high speed lift (up to 2 m/sec) 
  • Parcels are automatically weighed, measured and photographed. 
  • An app for smartphone 
  • 5 years of development 
  • Successful one year live test run in Finnish Post network in Estonia 


The new PackRobot can be used indoors and outdoors thanks to adjustable internal climate control. The one door system brings out the best ergonomics – all activities are done in one place so that customers and couriers do not have to move around. The door is located at optimal height for all customers - including children, the elderly and people with disabilities.

Maximum utilisation

Existing APMs are plagued by under-utilisation, as ‘compartments’ are fixed to a number of specifically sized parcels. With PackRobot, that problem is 100% solved thanks to an innovative 3D lift system that picks and delivers the right parcel to a secure delivery slot. Space utilisation is maximised by stacking parcels tight and high, thus PackRobot can accommodate a staggering three times more parcels per square meter than the leading competitor.

One size fits all

Octagonal shaped automated parcel terminal accommodates a fast speed lift system and eight columns of shelves around it. PackRobot's flexible one-size-fits-all shelf and tray system utilises the volume to its maximum - it is capable of holding up to 500 parcels on just 4,9 m² floor space

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