Indrek Oolup – Sales, Co-founder:

“CleverBox is the cornerstone of our product portfolio. It reflects 6 years of experience from 8 different countries, with a focus on the end-user experience. The product is a key part of SmartPost’s achievement in reaching an EBITDA level of 29% and more during the last 3 years in Estonia.“

Designed for E-commerce

CleverBox is our parcel terminal with improved ergonomics and unique drawer slots for small parcels and letters, allowing maximised capacity per square meter.

Cleverbox has been designed with the support of e-commerce firmly in mind from parcel delivery and collection to returns. It also features a modular column design, providing highly usable flexibility and configuration adjustments.

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Key Advantages of CleverBox:

  • Unique drawer slots for small parcels and letters (Patent pending)
  • Modular column configurations
  • Higher parcel capacity per square meter (up to 55 parcels per m2)
  • Best total cost of ownership
  • Minimal servicing and attention required
  • Improved ergonomics to meet the requirements of users with disabilities         (2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design and EU Standard EN 301549)

CB konsool

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Hardware components

12″ Touch screen computer Control of APT unit, data input and output
Touchpad For users with disabilities (e.g. wheelchair users)
Photo camera Identification of a person performing the transaction
Label printer Parcel labeling and transfer of information
Scanner Bar code and QR code reader
 * Self-service card payment terminal  Payment option with bank cards

* CleverBox has an option to add payment terminal, NFC receiver and receipt printer (not included in standard configuration).

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