Inditex´ s click and collect pickup solution in Spain

The world's largest fashion retailer uses Cleveron's robotics based click and collect parcel delivery terminal that turns manual in-store parcel delivery into automated pickup self-service

Inditex – the world's largest fashion retailer

Inditex is a Spanish company which owns eight world famous brands (Zara, Pull&Bear, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Stradivarius, Oysho, Zara Home, Uterqüe) with more than 7400 stores in 96 markets around the world. It the beginning of 2018, it also had online stores in 47 markets.
Inditex reported an annual turnover of 25.34 billion euros in 2017 which resulted in a 3.37 billion euro net profit. The success was influenced by strong online sales: it achieved a 41% online growth spike, contributing to 10% of Inditex’ net sales. (RetailDetail) Inditex has indicated that their online sales will keep increasing and is expected to account for 30% of sales in ten years perspective.

To manage their in-store online order pickup, Inditex decided to test Cleveron’s CleverFlex – a robotics-based click and collect parcel delivery terminal that turns manual in-store parcel delivery into automated pickup self-service.

Click and collect as a strategy

Inditex is slowing down the expansion of brick-and-mortar stores and is now focusing on strategically located spaces and e-commerce.

In the Inditex’s press release (25th of January 2018) the chairman and CEO of Inditex, Pablo Isla, referring to the opening of a radical concept store in Stratford UK stated: “... another milestone in our strategy of integrating our stores with the online world, which defines our identity as a business”.
The biggest challenge with growing online purchases is maintaining a high standard of customer experience through all its channels, ensuring fast and convenient client service. In click and collect experience, the weakest link is the last mile delivery, which presents several problems – growing logistical costs, shortage of storage space, growing workload for client service and additional labor costs.

The customer experience is declining due to the time the client has to wait for its parcel to be delivered to their home or at the cash register.

The solution 

Zara’s "buy online pick up in store" concept with Cleveron's CleverFlex

Inditex installed Cleveron’s robotic-based parcel terminal CleverFlex as the last mile click and collect solution in their store in Spain, offering Zara’s customers the possibility to pick up their purchases in-store without needing to stand in line to retrieve their order.

- The customer places an order in Zara’s online store and receives the order’s PIN and a QR code
- The customer gets notified when the order is fulfilled and ready for pick-up
- The customer enters the PIN or scans the QR code to the parcel terminal inside the store
- CleverFlex delivers the parcel to the customer within seconds

Customer experience

Using CleverFlex is intuitively simple for the employee who loads the parcels, and for the customer, who collects the parcels – they don't need any help from the store personnel. The procedure takes only seconds, ensuring a positive customer experience.

CleverFlex – the largest and fastest robotics-based parcel delivery terminal

CleverFlex is the world’s biggest click and collect pickup solution which can handle more than 1,400 packages.
  • Collects packages and organizes them optimally inside the terminal, accordingly to the package size
  • Delivers packages to the customers in seconds
  • Modular design offers flexible size solutions
  • Can be mounted inside the wall, so it is compatible with the interior design of the store
More about CleverFlex

Proven results lead to rolling out more robots

CleverFlex parcel terminal was piloted in Zara’s A Coruña store in October 2017. The customers welcomed the new and convenient in-store pickup solution, and it was seamlessly integrated into the online order pickup process.

The success of the pilot ensured Inditex to use the same practice in their radical flagship store in London Stratford, which opened in May 2018. For the first time in the world, the store has an entire department dedicated to the online orders. The in-store click and collect is handled by two CleverFlexes, which together can hold up to 2,400 parcels.

The famous Zara Vittorio Emanuele store in Milan has a CleverFlex which is covered with antique brass to match the renovated ultra-chick and luxurious look.
Inditex is continuing their efforts in combining offline and online shopping and ensuring a positive customer experience.

The success of this approach is also reflected in the group’s financial performance. Inditex’s CEO Pablo Isla has highlighted that the strength of the integrated store and online model, bolstered by continued innovation, is driving solid growth and notable job creation. (Inditex)

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